The defense of the environment and the creation of a new sensitivity which aims at a more careful and attentive management our planet are values which distinguish the producers of the Langhe.

It was in this perspective that, in 2013, the idea of an “Albeisa Woods” to give a strong and decisive signal of respect for the environment was born. We are talking about an operation of reforestation in the Bore zone of Kenya, an area which very significant socio-economic problems aggravated by the uncontrolled deforestation of recent decades. Thanks to the planting of over four thousand tall trees, the inhabitants of the zone have created an area which assists in giving work and sustenance to the local population as well as supplying “new oxygen”, literally and figuratively, to Planet Earth.

The Albeisa woods can be monitored thanks to the support supplied by Tree Nation, with whom this project has come into being.