It is not sufficient to be a producer of wine in the Langhe area to be permitted to utilize the Albeisa bottle.

Its utilization is regulated by precise rules shared by all the associates who have chosen to profit from the use of this container while respecting precise requirements:

  • The patents, sub-patents and extended patents are the exclusive property of the Association of Producers of Albeisa Wines
  • Before using the bottle it is necessary to be admitted to the Association which protects and safeguards the bottle and become a member of the Association itself
  • Only the houses headquartered within the confines of the Langhe area can be admitted to the Association
  • Only the wines produced from the grapes of vineyards cultivated within the zone known as “Langhe” can be bottled in the various formats available from the Association
  • One sole glassworks (Veralia) can produce this bottle under the authorization of the Association itself, and this glassworks is obliged to offer the bottle exclusively to members indicated by the Association.
  • The member producers are obliged to use the bottle for at least one product and at least once a year.