It is the grand International en primeur event promoted by Albeisa to given greater visibility to the wines of the member producers.

At the center of attention of every edition of the event are the new wines of the Barolo, Barbaresco, and Roero appellations which are presented to the international press and to firms operating in the field. An event which has, in the background, the lovely sites, towns, and cities where these excellent wines are produced. The event began in the year 1996 and became “Nebbiolo Prima” in 2010 when, by the choice of the Association, it changed its name, maintaining the same basic formula but attempting to renew itself on the basis of market necessities and the tendencies of consumers.

Beginning in 2017, thanks to the collaboration with the Consortium which protects and safeguards the wines of Barolo, Barbaresco, Langhe, and Dogliani, Nebbiolo Prima has been inserted into the program of “Grand Langhe” 2017, that major bi-annual event dedicated to the viticultural excellences of the Piedmont region.